Data Cabling Services.

With technology ever advancing it’s important these days to have your office properly wired out in data cabling either Cat 6 data cable, or Cat 6a data cable with RJ45 outlets for computer, and phone systems, that enables flexibility, and security, with high speed capabilities,  as there is every more data streaming down computer cabling including, VOIP (voice of Internet protocol) IP television, CCTV, and computer data. By giving Enhance a call our data electrician will make sure that your office is equipped for the future with the correct cabling.

If the network is to go across buildings, then Point to point network is worth considering as it is relatively low cost option in comparison to a cabled solution. We have successfully achieved excellent connectivity over 7kms using Point to point

Data cabling:                                                                    

  • Computer cabling

  • Printer cabling

  • Phone cabling

  • Serial computer cabling,

Environmental cabling:

  • Exterior cabling, (Buried and strung)

  • Point to point systems

Rack cabinets: 

  • Server cabinets

  • Wall hung cabinets

  • Patch panels,                 


  • CCTV systems